The Green Eye of the Forest

Rekel's Recollections - Part 2: Steyr

With Kristoff feeling better in the morning Elsbet wanted to have one more look around the beach at the pass to make sure there were no more undead lurking about. It seemed a waste of time to me but I suppose it is a paladin thing. While searching the area Kristoff spotted a chest lodged partway down a narrow ravine. I climbed down to it with his help on the rope and bashed it open, no need for subtlety as it had mostly rotted away. The only intact item inside was a bottle of strange liquid so I took that with me. Elsbet did find her undead but it was a pitiable creature that begged to be spared, which is strange as I didn’t think they were smart enough to do that. Stranger still is the fact that she did indeed spare it. We encounter a merchant on the road who tells us of a robbery in Steyr just up the road. Apparently something was taken from the mayor, Estinian Lorpath.
We travelled through that day and camped for the night so that we could reach Steyr the next day. Kristoff took the first watch but kept talking to himself so I took a walk. I must have made a noise because he followed me and stirred up a dire wolverine. I tried to get him away but it was very angry and Elsbet had to come and put it down which was unfortunate.
The next day as we neared Steyr we passed a woman at a wagon with a missing wheel. This was odd considering that the wagon itself was filled with wheels. Elsbet helped her install one of them and in return she told us of what was going on the town. It seemed that the mayor, a former noble of Galt, was building some sort of theater and had brashly chosen to build it right on top of a local fey creature’s home. Strange things had been happening ever since and everyone blamed this Blin, the fey.
While the others were getting situated in town I found my contact, a man named Pippen. He told me that Jorus disappeared from Fusil shortly after some soldiers showed up looking for him.
Since my family lives in relatively close contact with fey I am familiar with them and I decided to go have a chat with this Blin to see if I could smooth things over with him and the mayor. Had to be some reward in that I thought. He told me that his wife’s body was buried under the theater. I told him I would see what I could do and went back into town to talk to the mayor and my new companions. There was a large commotion near the stables and it seemed that something had killed one of the stable boys right in front of Elsbet. I followed a blood trail from the murder into the forest nearby and found a tree with the words “Ha Ha” carved on it. There is a lot of blood, far more that could have been from the murder and it smelled odd. A voice which sounded like Blin taunted me and said that there would be more to come. On the way back I found Elsbet talking to Blin however and he explained that there is another more malevolent fey creature in the area. He described it as a quickling, a creature that moves so fast it is hard to even see. Leona joined us from whatever she was off doing at that point and seized on my idea of trying to find a druid to help deal with the quickling. We travel into the forest together and do find a druid just as it is killing an ogre. He was not interested in helping us with the quickling however and told me nothing that Blin hadn’t about its weaknesses. I had forgotten how pompous and self-righteous druids can be. It took us a while to find our way back to town and it was nightfall when we arrived. It seemed Kristoff and Elsbet had convinced the mayor to move everyone inside his manor for safety and to hold a feast to calm them down. After a bite to eat and my shift at a patrol around town I had a look around the manor house. The mayor obviously has more money than sense, I know a few people who wouldn’t have hesitated to clean the place out. I play the long game though, short term gains often have unforeseen consequences. In the basement though I found an open chest that looks like it was recently forced and the trap on it disabled. As I moved near it the quickling appeared and identified herself as Princess Magnificent. I really do think all fey think the world is a game, they play like children even when the game is murder. We squared off and traded a few missed blows which seemed to frustrate her and then she ran to the stairs and used the magic ocarina that she had stolen from the mayor to call out Fire! She fled as the house fell into panic and as we calmed down the townsfolk Leona came down from the balcony and said she had managed to shoot the quickling with her crossbow. We did find a bit of cloth and blood with the bolt on the ground so it seemed she was right. Note to self, do not let her shoot at me. In the morning we went to where Blin said Princess Magnificent lived, a fairy ring in the forest. I challenged her to continue our fight but what really set her off was Elsbet suggesting we destroy the ring. She attacked us and I continued to taunt her with a challenge of first blood, best two out of three hits, best three out of five and so on to keep her from fleeing. Elsbet and Leona finished her off and she burst into a cloud of bugs when she died. Elsbet took the ocarina and I took a magical bag full of gold and a magical sword. I did give the mayor back the amount of gold he figured had been stolen at Elsbet’s insistence. That left us with a decent sum which I divided up among us. There were also a few pieces of poisonous blue winnis in the bag. Elsbet arranges for a priest to be brought to town to try to resurrect the boy and decided to wait in town for another day to make sure everything was done as she wanted.



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