The Green Eye of the Forest

The Past

“Well, that was interesting. That little Quickling had quite the nasty streak.”
“How can you be so cavalier? A boy died and for nothing. That fey creature just snatched his life and barely even cared.”
“I have not tasted fey blood for sometime. Why did you not use me?”
“Quiet now Nix.”
“What the?! Who was that?!”
“That was just Nix. Don’t worry about her, you’ll get to know her better with time.
“Don’t worry?! A child is dead and the only thing I could offer his mother was more death. And when we exacted our bloody retribution what was the result? A ridiculous man with too much gold and not enough scruples called for a celebration, supposedly in our names but truly without even a thought of anybody but himself. So now I’m off to see if a known murder, that’s been pardoned, is doing alright and I’ll be helped by my half demon superior officer while I do it. So I’m not worried, no. I’m disgusted and ashamed that any of this happened. Not to mention most of the time I am completely out of my league…. and mind.”
“Ok, just breath. The death of that boy was tragic but there are far worse evils in the world then that pint-sized maniac. I remember this one demon that one of us dealt with, called himself Father Plenty, or something like that. He’d set himself up as some great benefactor in a region near Osirion. Offered the people anything which they might desire and it only cost them their will to choose their own actions. They became slaves in the robes of kings, often not even realizing what they had given up. When we overthrew him and freed the people many were lost worse then death. Some fell to corruption and evil themselves preying on others in the hopes of regaining the luxuries they hadn’t earned. Others were just unwilling to fend for themselves and wasted away into pale shadows of themselves, victims of their own sloth. Thus his horrific influence lingered long after he was vanquished. These are just some of the depths of evil that can be inflicted, and don’t think that it can only be inflicted by outsiders either. The potential for cruelty lives in the breast of every creature. That quickling was a killer no doubt and needed to be put down but there will be far greater to come before you pass on the mantle.”
“Why is it I never understand what your talking about?”
“You may not understand now but you will with time. The past is full of horrors and tragedies but also heroes and victories. Stay true to who you are, there is greatness there.”



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